Maxwell Gosling started his music career booking, managing and touring with artists. Eventually tiring of the hectic life on the road, Gosling parked himself back home at Campbell-Ewald in Detroit, serving as music supervisor for, ironically, Chevrolet as well as other national clients. In 2006, Gosling relocated to Los Angeles, where he worked with numerous record labels and artists within advertising. Shortly thereafter, in 2008, little ears was born to serve the music supervision needs across film, television and advertising.

Since opening its doors, little ears has worked with blue chip clients like NIKE, Coke, HTC Mobile, NBA and most recently Oreo and Skype.  Around the same time he was launching little ears, Gosling was introduced to a group of composers who had themselves formed an original music company, Future Perfect, where he took up the post of executive producer and partner. Together they have collaborated to provide award winning scores for high profile clients such as Sony, LG, NHL, Lexus and more.

While the two enterprises are technically different—with little ears driven to find the best music to license and future perfect creating custom scores —they play together in perfect harmony.